mandag 12. januar 2009

Dikt skriven av Hibo Waberi, uppläst under demonstrationen i Göteborg Lördag den 3 Januari 2009.

“Palestine, we’ll never stray”

6 January 2009

Where have all the good men gone and why can’t they see what’s going on.
Why can’t they say: Israel you’re wrong!

So many tears have been shedded for so long, mothers’ wailing, men cursing and children screaming. Worrying about their vulnerable lives and if they survive another day.

Because bombs are falling from the sky, taking innocent Palestinians lives and the US Government are pleased and satisfied.

The Arab kings are sitting on their throw and looking at dead children with a frown, saying you did this to yourself and now you gotta to make it on your own.

Palestine I promise you you’re not alone, the Zionistic power will be taken down from your thrown

Palestine, your country will rise again on its own. Your children will laugh and smile and you’ll watch them grow.

Palestine I promise you, you’re not alone
You sun will shine brighter than any light. It will even shine during the night.

Palestine you’re in my heart, I’ll never forget the boy who died in his father`s arms.

Palestine Don’t give up! Stand tall so one day you can break Gaza’s walls

Palestine you’re full of faith, so don’t give up yet cuz we’ll never stray

I promise you we’ll never stray, we’ll never stray

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